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2017 07-1

GRANDALL LEGAL STUDIES--Company & Securites Edition(Issue 180/ June, 2017)

Laws & Regulations Update

■CSRC Released the Measures for Compliance Management of Securities Companies and Securities Investment Fund Management Companies

■NDRC and the Ministry of Commerce released the Guidance Catalogue for Foreign Investment Industries (2017 Revision)

■The General Office of the State Council Issued the Circular on the Special Administrative Measures (Negative List) for Foreign Investment Access to Pilot Free Trade Zones

Grandall Special Report

■Analysis on Issues Regarding College Teachers’ Service as Shareholders, Directors, Supervisors, Officers, Key Technicians of Companies Proposed to be Listed

■Interpretation of GEM’s Solicitation for Comments

■Gazing at the Entrusted Asset Management Business Mode of Internet Financial Companies from the Perspective of Judicial Practice

■Practical Analysis on the Suitability System of Fund Investors

■Improvement of the Protection System for China’s Equity-based Crowdfunding Investors

Media Selection

■Discussion and Analysis of the Dual Labour Relations within and out of China

■Research on Legal Issues Regarding Shareholders’ Agreement for PPP Projects

Case Study

■Judgement on Termination of Contract for Breach of Accessory Obligations

■Illegal to Terminate an Employment Contract Merely Because the Employee’s Performance was Rated as the Last

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Business Digest

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