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2017 01-1

GRANDALL LEGAL STUDIES--Company & Securites Edition(Issue 174 / December 2016)

Laws & Regulations Update

■ The State Council Released the Catalogue of Investment Projects Subject to the Approval of Governments (2016 Version)

■ CSRC Released Measures for the Suitability Management of Securities and Futures Investors

■ NDRC & CSRC Released the Circular on Pushing forward Relevant Work on Asset-backed Securities of Public-Private Partnership Projects in Traditional Infrastructure Field

■ The Ministry of Finance Released the Circular on Relevant Issues concerning Further Enhancing the Management of Stock Equities of State-owned Financial Enterprises

Grandall Special Report

■ Study of Shares Repurchase

■ Introduction to HK Finance License

■ Study of Employees Stock Ownership Program by State-controlled Mixed Ownership Enterprises

■ Validity of documents affixed with the company’s seal against the company

■ About ‘deceptive promotion’ and ‘deceptive advertisement’

■ About cancellation the outcomes of another lawsuit to which the party concerned is a third party

Media Selection

■ Establishment of a modern criminal punishment system against securities and futures crimes

■ The equity incentive plan of non-listed companies and the impact upon its future listing

■ A summary of 8th national court civil and commercial judgment meeting (civil part)

Case Study 

■ Securities consulting through fraud

■ Responsibilities of parties as financial service providers

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Business Digest

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