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2016 11-6

GRANDALL LEGAL STUDIES--Company & Securites Edition(Issue 172 / October 2016)

Laws & Regulations Update

■The Ministry of Commerce Released the Interim Administrative Measures for the Record-filing of the Incorporation and Change of Foreign-invested Enterprises

■The National Development and Reform Commission Printed and Released Several Policies and Measures to Promote the Healthy Development of Private Investment

■The General Office of the State Council Issued the Implementing Proposals for the Special Rectification of Internet Financial Risks

■CSRC and other Departments Released the Implementing Scheme of Special Rectification of Risks in the Equity Crowd Funding

Grandall Special Report

■Study of the Purpose and Adjustment of Payment by Installments in China 

■Introduction to Individual Tax of Equity Incentives

■Identification of Confession in Insider Dealing

■Enterprise’s Environment Legal Risk

■Study of Avoidance of Horizontal Competition

■VAT of Shares Transfer

Media Selection

■Study of three new issues in enterprise bankruptcy

■Debt-to-equity of an enterprise under financial distress

Case Study

■The invalidity of the condition relating to price adjustment in bid and tender contracts

■Identification of the order in exercising two kinds of creditor’s rights

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